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About CATS, Inc.

Claims Administration & Technical Services, Inc. is a company providing expertise in computerized appraisal preparation and valuations for autos, light trucks, vans, motorcycles, marine, and recreational vehicles.

We believe in timely and appropriate communication with vehicle owners, repair facilities and claims representatives.

Further, we believe strongly in our own continuing education.

C.A.T.S. employees hold both and certifications and also training and expertise in mechanical breakdown inspections.

Mission Statement

CATS, Inc. mission is to be an extension of your claims or services organization allowing you the flexibility to meet the needs of an ever changing business environment and insurance marketplace.

Office Location: 2712 Harvey Dunn Dr. Sioux Falls SD 57103

Phone: 888-769-5639

Fax: 888-769-5639

Email: info@claimsadminservices.com

Marcus Hicks -President


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